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ATB Holdings | Wealth Management Services
At ATB Holdings we have an extensive range of products and solutions to enable you to maximise each trade through the guided expertise of our traders. We have different accounts to suit each needs from an advisory approach to a hands on execution only to gain from our tight spreads.

For more information on how to open an account and gain our research reports email us at: [email protected]

ATB Holdings | Investment Advisory Service
At ATB Holdings the majority of our clients working alongside their dedicated Private Wealth Management Executive that assists the client with all there trades and questions on market commentary provided by ATB Holdings.

With our Investment Advisory Service we provide the latest reports in a wide range of markets from global equities, foreign exchange to commodities etc. Our investment executives create tailored plans for clients based on their needs and objectives.

ATB Holdings | Trading and Structured Solutions
ATB Holdings has multiple instruments we can employ for our clients to take advantage of, we offer the ability to trade multiple asset classes through a derivative that will enable you to leverage your position by a considerable amount depending on the margin you require.

Our account executives will guide you through the best process to take advantage of each transaction to the fullest.